Top Ten Reasons to Join

Top Ten (Parent) Reasons to become a Young Mensan

10.  Member Benefits.  These are being added all of the time, but you will be able to benefit from articles about gifted kids in the Mensa Bulletin, your Local Group’s activities, as well as discounts on cool smart-kid stuff like Mental Floss and Think Geek.  The list of things available to Young Mensans is growing almost every day.

9. SIGs.  Kids and teens are welcome to join Mensa’s Special Interest Groups, so you can connect with people who think – and play – like you do.

8. Stanford’s EPGY Group. Want to reach further than your school allows?  Join the Mensa EPGY group and work at your own pace.  Already out of elementary school?  Get our “Accelerating High School Resource Guide” and find out where to learn more.

7. CultureQuest®.  Young Mensans can compete in this competition

6. Email.  Get a cool email address (and other member stuff) that only Mensa members can have.

5. Sociality.  Hanging out with other Mensans is one of the best things.

4. FRED e-zine.  As a Mensa member you can receive Fred, the magazine written for Young Mensans by Young Mensans.  You can even write stuff for it!

3. You probably already qualify.  Mensa accepts many of the tests given to qualify for Gifted programs in school, so odds are, you already belong.

2. Resources for parents and kids. Want to know where to find cool things about chemistry on the net?  How about places to publish your writing?  Mensa’s Gifted Youth Specialist scours the libraries and the internet for the coolest things to share with Young Mensans and their families.

1. Sanctuary. You can be a part of something special – a place where gifted kids are safe to be their true selves.  No more hiding how smart you are to fit in.  You fit in because of how smart you are.


Top Ten (Kid/Teen) Reasons that becoming a Young Mensan is a No-Brainer

10. Your parents can’t ground you from being a Mensan.

9. You don’t have to explain your jokes.

8. It’s the smart card.  You can overcome any silly behavior by uttering the magic word – “Mensa.”

7. Do you know everything about everything?  Of course you do! As a Young Mensan, you can compete in CultureQuest® and see how many deposits you’ve made in your mind bank!

6. You get the coolest email address on the block (the cyber block, that is).

5. No one can take it away from you.  Once you qualify for Mensa, you’re qualified for life.

4.  Neat geek stuff.  You can get discounts on the geekiest, coolest stuff ever at places like Think Geek and Mental Floss.

3.  You’re different, unique, and special, just like everyone else.  Everyone in Mensa, that is.  By definition, when you’re in Mensa, you set yourself apart as being at least 98% excellent.

2.  FRED.  You can read Fred, the e-magazine that’s written for Young Mensans by Young Mensans. You can even write for it yourself and become famous.  Well, more famous than you are right now.

1. It’s Conjunction Junction and this is its function:  Young Mensans get connected with other Young Mensans all over the country.  You belong here.


Ready to join?  Find out how here.