Adult Volunteers

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David Bonner, DirectorDavid Bonner, Mensa Member, Teacher

Director & Founder, Indy Mensa Family Program

Gifted Youth Coordinator, Central Indiana Mensa

Member, American Mensa Gifted Youth Committee

Devin Lee, Mensa Member, Parent

Assistant Director, Indy Mensa Family Program

Lead Membership Agent

Teresa Gregory, Mensa Member

Assistant Director, Indy Mensa Family Program

Jan Pfeil Doyle, Mensa Member

Local Secretary (President), Central Indiana Mensa

Laurel Richardson, Mensa Member

Scholarship Coordinator

Julie Tennell, Mensa Member, Parent, Teacher

Smart Science Coordinator

Christine Turo-Shields, Parent

Co-founder, Indy Mensa Family Program

Assistant Membership Agent

Ann Bilodeau, Parent

Lead Program Chair

Jessie Ramirez, Parent

Assistant Program Chair

There are countless other volunteers to give their time, energy, and talent to make our program work.  We can’t thank you enough!!!